Coaching Requirements

The following clearances are mandatory. Each of these must be turned in prior to coaching at Franklin Regional(regardless of status, ie head coach, assistant coach, volunteer, etc). All required documents are to be given to the Athletic Director and will be kept on file at FR. There are 8 total documents required. It is recommended to make a copy of each for your own records.
 You must register and pay the nominal fee.(Make sure you are registering under the Department of Education). Then proceed to the nearest fingerprinting location and submit prints. The clearance will be mailed to you.
***As of November 28, 2017 – The Department of Education is no longer using the Cogent system – please make sure you are registering through Identogo.***


PA Criminal History Clearance
Register and pay the nominal fee to submit a new record check. You must print this clearance – it will NOT be mailed to you.


PA Child Abuse Clearance
Register and pay the $10 fee. Results will be immediate.  If you register and submit electronically, You must print this clearance – it will NOT be mailed to you.


Act 24 Annual Arrest/Conviction Certification Form – This form must be filled out, signed and turned in yearly.

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training – Select registration at the top of the page. During registration, please answer “No” to the question, “Are you Licensed or applying for a license through one of the following Pennsylvania boards?” unless you are licensed professional listed in the drop down menu.
Annual Concussion & Cardiac Arrest & COVID-19 Education Requirements
You must register and then watch a short video on each. Following the video there will be a short quiz. These must be completed yearly! Links are below.