Along with the PIAA and WPIAL, Franklin Regional believes sportsmanship is the most important aspect of interscholastic athletics and is essential to the development of Franklin Regional student-athletes. Actions meant to demean players, teams, spectators, coaches, and/or officials are not in the highest ideals of interscholastic education and will not be tolerated at any Franklin Regional event.

Franklin Regional School District is in strong belief that any unruly conduct toward athletes, coaches, school personnel, officials, and/or spectators will not be tolerated.

If it is determined that a student, parent/guardian, or spectator has conducted themselves in an inappropriate manner that is not in the highest regard of interscholastic athletes, he or she will be given verbal and/or written notice by the high school principal, athletic director, or an appropriate substitute that the conduct will not be tolerated.

Any misconduct that continues that day or at future events will result in that person losing his/her privilege to be a spectator at any Franklin Regional event – both home and away. Spectators are guests of the school, therefore making it a privilege – not a right – to attend Franklin Regional events. If a single occurrence is considered of a serious nature, there will be no verbal or written notice before the person’s privilege to sporting events is revoked. Again, any serious misconduct will result in an immediate loss of privilege to all Franklin Regional sporting events home or away.